Self-realization and Service to Humanity

Ananda marGa canada:
The Path of bliss

"Keeping good company is essential for this positive development. While bad company strengthens the bondage of the soul, good company is conductive to liberation and salvation"
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Upcoming Events

Meditation Retreat at Ananda Kanak
May 12-14, 2023

We are happy to announce that our first 2023 retreat will happen on May 12-14 at Ananda Kanak Master Unit right outside of Ottawa. Please mark it down on your calendars.

Activities in Toronto

Ananda Marga in Toronto has weekly Dharma Cakra (collective meditation) on Saturday and Sunday at various locations. Acarya Parinirvanananda Avadhuta is based in Toronto and gives classes in multiple places. On Saturdays, our volunteers feed the homeless in downtown Toronto.

Yoga & Meditation

We usually identify our existence with our position in society, our friends and family, the needs and desires of our body, and the emotional and intellectual expressions of our mind. But we rarely take the time to contemplate the real nature of our existence; to ask the question, “Who am I?”

We all have the feeling of existence; of “I exist”. That “I am” feeling dictates our thoughts, our memories, our feelings and our actions. It defines who we are as individuals. It is our identity of our mind with our body and with the world around us.

If we take the time and the effort to look deeper into our “I am” feeling we would find a deeper sense of being: a deeper “self”. The realization of that experience is not merely one of “I am”, but the more profound experience of “I know that I am”. That “I” of “I know” is the essence of our existence: pure consciousness. And the realization of that consciousness – our inner self – is called self-realization.

OUR projects

In 1987 the founder of Ananda Marga, Shrii P. R. Sarkar, emphasized the need to create self-sustainable rural units that he named Master Units. Our members in Canada took up the challenge to establish Master Units and purchased the land and house of Ananda Kanak. The Master Units (MU) serve the community and act as the spiritual and social hub of the neighborhood. Amongst the main goals of Master Units is to achieve self-sustainability in food, clothing, housing, education, and medical, and to encourage research in all of these aspects in an ecological, cooperatively run project. Those goals require community engagement and the cooperation of several people. The first goal will always be to be self-sufficient with food. 

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