ONLINE Conference 2020

About This Project


Namaskar Brothers and Sisters!

It’s an honor to invite you for the upcoming Online Summer Conference benefitting Ananda Kanan from August 13 – 16, 2020. The retreat theme this year is ‘Moving Towards Mahavishva, the Great Universe,’ which is based on a discourse given by Baba in 1967.


The Planned Highlights of the Online Summer Conference 2020

– Morning Asana Classes
– Dharmacakra (Kiirtan, Group Meditation, Spiritual talk, Tandava, Kaos’ikii
– Classes – Subjects to include: Spiritual Photography; Tantra; Kaos’iiki: History and Practice; Prabhat Samgiita; Neo-Humanism and Prout; and a Special Guest
– CLIMATE CHANGE SYMPOSIUM; Intro to the Little Big Farm
– Prabhat Samgiita, Bhajan, Katha Kiirtan, Avarta Kiirtana
– Cultural Program; Concert; Ba’ba’ Vide
– Breaks – Regular breaks in the schedule will allow for free time and meals.

With Zoom, you will be able to connect to the Conference from any device from any location with a WiFi or other Internet signal, or even though a phone line. Technically, we ask that you keep your microphone muted (unless you need to use it) and that your name on your Zoom account accurately describes you or your household. Keeping your video camera active is optional, though helpful when you can manage that.

Dear friends, mark your calendar, and let’s make Baba happy by moving together towards Mahavishva!