Ananda Kanak Retreat, May 13—15, 2022

Ananda Kanak Retreat, May 13—15, 2022

The retreat will start Friday late afternoon and run until Sunday afternoon. The beautiful nature at Ananda Kanak and the strong spiritual vibration present within our humble Jagrti will make us feel welcome for a successful retreat. We will enjoy our time together with the daily collective kiirtan, sadhana, asanas sessions, silent moments, discussions on spiritual and social topics, delicious sattvika food. And it is going to be fun!

Retreat Highlights

  • Two Akhanda Kiirtan sessions
  • Collective sadhana
  • Asanas sessions
  • Interactive classes on spiritual and social topics
  • RAWA program

Ananda Kanak and Accommodation ​

Our accommodation capacity will be 17 participants, including those who may choose to stay in their tents in the yard.

Registration Fee ​

The registration fee for Ananda Marga Spring retreat is C$100 per person. Donations are also welcome, every little counts. Thank you for supporting Ananda Marga Canada!

Ananda Kanak Master Unit
Ananda Kanak Master Unit in Canada
Ananda Kanak Master Unit in Canada
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